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Accident Insurance


The accident insurance remuneration of your employees is ensured at all times and your administrative overhead is kept to a minimum.

All employees are required to insure against accidents. In addition to health care services,other compensation and survivors’ pensions in case of death, accident insurance paid from the 3rd Day 80% of earnings. Even the UVG addition increases your daily benefit up to 100% of the insured salary.

Material Damage Insurance


No one is safe from fire, storm, water damage, glass and burglary. You do not stand in the case of damage empty handed, the insurance takes over the material loss, your loss of income, extra and disposal costs. Your insurance will pay for the damaged items and equipment in case of damage.

Health Insurance


With us you have the opportunity for your employees to select multiple health insurance providers. Simply decide on the most attractive offer..

Liability Insurance


  • Liability insurance protects you against financial loss arising from damage that you may cause to external people and defends you against unjustified claims.

  • Investment risk: As the owner of land, buildings or equipment you are responsible for everything that happens on your property.
  • Business and occupational risks: As a business owner you are responsible for your own professional
    activity and the actions of your employees as well as for the omission necessary measures in operation.
  • Product risk: As a manufacturer, you are liable for their brands of production till use in the consumers.
  • Environmental Risk: As a business owner, you are liable for the damage to the environment by your company

Building Insurance


As a property owner, you are liable for damages to third parties, whether people or goods on your own property. Protect yourself with the building insurance.

Company Formation


You want to start a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or a joint stock company and have questions that are not answered sufficiently? 

We are committed to provide a simple and cost effective offer to our customers.We are also pleased to partner in company formation for you.

Vehicle Insurance


For your commercial vehicles and fleet, liability insurance is mandatory but not the additional services. We advise you gladly.

Occupational pension plans


Occupational benefits insurance constitutes Pillar 2 of Switzerland’s three-Pillar social security system. Occupational benefits insurance for old age, survivors and disabled persons is intended as a supplement to AHV and IV benefits.

It pays benefits for your employees from starting on the date of retirement, and also in case of occupational disability or death.

Daily Sickness Benefits Insurance


The daily sickness allowance is a non-mandatory, but common insurance. The Obligations write a sick pay requirement in cases disease.Thus, the salary is paid by your insurance for your employees.

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